Medical business cards are useful tools that help you connect with potential clients and patients. Keep them on hand at networking events or place a stack of them at your reception area to encourage repeat appointments. Staples offers designs that are suitable for health care providers such as doctors, dentists, nutritionists and optometrists as well as medical businesses such as urgent care clinics, pharmacies and health spas.

Memorable Designs for Medical Business Cards

Staples offers a variety of templates suitable for health care businesses. Select a bright color palette that catches the eye or opt for a more formal look with a neutral color scheme. Match the hue of the card to your company logo to coordinate it with your marketing materials. Available fonts range from straightforward to ornate, and you can preview the different styles before finalizing your order.

Utilize Graphic Art on Your Business Cards

Staples has plenty of graphic art that's appropriate for medical business cards, such as caducei for general use as well as specialty-specific choices like toothbrushes, eyeglasses and more. You can also upload a photo of yourself or the front of your office to make the card more personal.

Why Use Medical Business Cards?

Business cards for health care providers do more than help clients stay in touch. They can also serve as convenient appointment reminder notes; just leave space for a date and time on the back of the card. Consider listing your specialties on the card so clients know the full range of services you provide. Alternatively, use the reverse of the card for driving directions or a simple map to your location.

What Info Should Medical Business Cards Have?

Your business card should prominently feature your organization's name and contact information in bold, easy-to-read print. The contact information may include a phone number, address and website URL. Consider noting whether or not appointments are necessary and the business's hours of operation.