Sharing contact information is an important part of business communications. Standard business cards are a cost-effective way to convey email addresses, phone numbers and more. Staples offers hundreds of customizable templates that let business owners create cards that match their brand and provide freelancers or job seekers with the tools they need to make a favorable first impression.

Customize Standard Business Cards

Web-based card design tools make it simple to create professional-looking business cards and add the necessary contact information. The point-and-click interface provides quick access to dozens of font, color and icon options and shows the card's appearance as you make changes. The tools can also create both single- and double-sided cards. Download a PDF preview for review, and then choose in-store pickup to take advantage of the same-day printing option available with many card designs.

Flexible Standard Business Card Printing Options

Choosing the right paper is the final step in the card creation process. Standard paper is ideal budget-conscious users, while a heavier premium stock is an excellent choice for executives or sales staff who regularly interact with customers. Glossy paper has a reflective surface that enhances color cards. Matte finishes offer a traditional look that works well with black and white designs.

What Information Should Standard Business Cards Contain?

Always include basic contact information, your name, phone number and an email address on business cards. It's also a good idea to include a job title or a description of what you do. Consider providing a web URL that shows off your professional content or adding a tagline that highlights your personal strengths.

How Many Business Cards Should you Order?

Job titles, phone numbers and email addresses change, so for many people, 250 to 500 cards are enough to handle their business requirements. Staff who regularly communicate with customers or attend trade shows and conventions may need 1,000 or more business cards.