Moving announcements let friends and family know about your new address. Create a card with a design that reflects your personal taste and includes fun touches such as eye-catching pictures or whimsical sayings. These cards offer a convenient way of sharing the news of a big move and ensure you don't lose touch with friends who you may not see often.

A family picture or image of the new home gives moving cards visual appeal, as does an illustration of a famous landmark associated with the new locale. Staples offers templates with cheerful messages, and they can be sent either as postcards or in envelopes for privacy.

Moving announcements can celebrate a new home purchase or an exciting family milestone. They can also double as invitations to a housewarming party.

What Information Belongs on Moving Announcements?

At a minimum, a moving announcement should include your name and new mailing address. Encourage recipients to get in touch by adding a phone number and email address. If only one family member is moving, such as to attend college, make sure that's clear from the wording.